Small Things, Big Difference Podcast Notes

These are my notes from the podcast.  We didn’t necessarily talk about all of them, mostly because we have short attention spans and go on rabbit trails, but if you wan to go to the next level on this topic here are some thoughts that might help.  I also have some contact info for Todd Durkin, who is a beast in and out of the gym.

To get more information about Fitness Quest 10, Todd’s gym click here

I referenced a great bio by Drew Brees that is a must read called Coming Back Stronger.  You can find that here. Crazy to think that Todd was in the middle of this amazing story.

41% of American’s make New Years resolutions.  Do you know how many of those American’s keep those resolutions?  8%. 

That means of all the people who buy gym memberships, 92% aren’t there in March

Of all the people who commit to stop smoking, 92% will soon be back in the parking lot hiding from their boss

Of all the people who buy workout clothes, 92% of them wear those clothes to binge watch Netflix

Of all the people who vow to eat healthy, 92% end up ordering a Big Mac and a Quarter pounder off the 2 for $5 menu.

We can take this in many directions.  I thought of a couple ways that small things make a big difference.

Understand how small thoughts can make a big difference

It is believed that the average person has “70,000 thoughts per day”  A lot of people are skeptical about this number but Dr Deepak Chopra agrees, saying that people have between “60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day”.  You may or may not agree with that. I happen to believe that 86.5% of statistics are made up, but the reality is, our lives are made up of thoughts.  Look at it like this.  If just 5% of your thoughts are negative, self defeating, ugly thoughts, that’s 3500 negative thoughts a day racing through your head.  What will we become if 3500 times a day we are thinking negative thoughts?

if 3500 times a day we hear, “You’re hair is thinning”

3500 times a day “You’re pear shaped.”

3500 times a day “You just added a new sleep line to your face.”

3500 times a day “You’ll always be single”

3500 times a day “You can’t do it” “No one believes in you” “You’re mom likes your brother more than you.”  Those words can be hurtful, unless you’re the brother like me and mom does like me best.

What are negative thoughts that can make a big difference in your life

Old Tapes, Ugly and unhealthy thoughts, Other’s opinions

What can we replace those old thoughts with?

whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4

Understand how small habits can make a big difference

Three common characteristics of people who develop healthy habits

The drive to do what’s right is stronger than the pull of the habit

The drive to follow God is stronger than the devastation life throws at you.

They choose God habits not just goal habits

Set a 2018 word goal.  Todd’s is Contagiasm or contagious enthusiasm.  Dude lives it.  

What’s your one word for 2018.  My word for 2018 is grateful.  Here’s a list of words to mark your 2018











To get more information on Small Things, Big Difference look up the series we did at Canyon Springs with that same topic here.

Brag sheet on Todd Durkin

Todd has created the Magic Kingdom of fitness and family.  His clear, positive enthusiastic vision is at the very heart of his trainers and staff. Just showing up makes me feel happy and ready to go out and spread the joy. He is a very bright light in our community. Judy White (How are the boys)

Man of God, Husband, Father, Friend, Servant Leader, Lover of God and people; many men can’t even begin to understand what these titles mean, but Todd epitomizes them! He’s my brother, my friend, and I love’em to life! Also, after losing to me so much when we play rebounder, he’s still a good sport about it?Lol!!! Gino Mingo

“So Todd, one of our church members. Chelsea Asaro, who by the way is a Beast in the gym and out, introduced us to you and when we were meeting about this podcast, Chelsea, who as I said is a Beast in the gym and out, couldn’t stop saying good things about you. In fact she said you were amazing at least three different times:

You were amazing at social media marketing;

And that you were amazing at inspiring people through your blog, books, and vlog; and that you were amazing at motivating people to get their butts in the gym on a regular basis even when it’s hard

Chelsea is obviously quite a fan and since she’s a Beast in the gym and out, we knew we had to have you on to talk about your amazing-ness.”