Success isn’t what you were designed for. You were created for significance.

Moving from success to significance podcast notes Great to have with us Noreen Ippolito from I Heart Radio today. She is one of the most successful business persons I know. She is also a fellow adoptive parent. To read about her adoption story check this out. There are three levels

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Move from work to workjoy

Workjoy #2 podcast notes Great chatting with Monty today. Click here to connect with Slingshot group To look over Monty’s information on work joy click here Here’s how you know you’re not in a joyful work environment When my grandmother died, my boss forced me to provide him

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Are you a personality or a character?

Moving from being a personality to a character podcast notes Lebron James Meryl Streep Dwayne Johnson Tom Brady Taylor Swift Jerry Seinfeld Stephen Curry These are modern day heroes.  These heroes are personalities.  They are entertainers. They are funny.  They lead interesting lives.  They wear great clothes and blow up

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Is it possible you are racist and don’t even know it?

"I’m not a racist or at least I don’t think I am." Podcast notes (Gino suggested we call this episode "Men in Black") Thanks to Gino Mingo for being a part of our podcast today. Here's a couple of images we used to introduce Gino. Gino doesn’t want to brag

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