We all know someone with autism. But do we know them, really?

We all know someone with autism.  We all know children who've walked this path and parents who've learned to navigate this road.  But do we really know their story?  Do we know what kinds of trials and tribulations they've walked through?  Can we see past the outward signs and into

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Are you growing or blowing up your relationships?

What Destroys Relationships and What Builds Them Podcast Notes Over the course of my 31 years I’ve learned a few things about what works in my marriage to Jilane and what doesn’t work. For example... With Jilane, sentimental cards don’t work. I used to spend hours at Hallmark finding cards

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We aren’t worth anything until we are redeemed

Redemption podcast notes I brought a couple of things for our podcast today. It doesn’t really work if you’re listening to this podcast. We will be putting this up on Youtube so you can see what I have. Any guesses what this is. Let me shake it for a second.

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