Raising good kids, drinking coffee, homosexuality and other random questions

Five Random Questions Podcast Notes On this podcast Jack, Jonathan and Chad answer five random questions from sealed envelopes.  There won’t be many podcast notes but here are the questions we tried to tackle and some helpful information we came up with. 1) Who is the person who has had

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If you can’t see God move to a better seat

A seat on the front row podcast notes Today we mentioned that we are starting a campaign to further the reach of our podcast.  If you would like to donate to expand the reach of 10 Steps Further use the link below. https://www.bestchristianpodcast.net/donate/ A few months back we talked about

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What do you do when life hands you a new normal?

The new normal podcast notes Thanks to Michael Howell for coming on the show today.  To see NBC San Diego 7's story on Michael and his work in Mexico click here https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Inspiring-San-Diego-Father-Finds-New-Life-Purpose-After-ALS-Diagnosis-481062931.html?f Life is full of new normals.  What’s the worst? Junior High Then you hit junior high and you

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Are you having the important talks with your kid?

5 Conversations you have to have with your child: Podcast Notes Great to have Tim Smith, the family coach on the podcast today.  If you want to get in touch with Tim, here's his contact information. http://www.parentscoach.org/ Here is a quick link to some of Tim's books on Amazon My

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