Do you get the feeling that your kids aren’t listening to you?

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen Several years ago my kids and I met a buddy of mine at an ice cream parlor and I witnessed one Dad’s struggle first hand. Me and my buddy were talking and his son came up to him and said “Dad, what

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I just found out my spouse is having an affair

We were joined today by Kris and Kristine from the Kris and Kristine show.  Kris and Kristine both have walked to road as victims of infidelity and have a powerful story to tell of pain, growth and redemption. If you would like to hear more from Kris and Kristine click

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Stolen: an inside look at trafficking with Monica Dean

Monica is a friend of the show and recently completed work on an amazing mini-series called Stolen.  Told from multiple perspectives, STOLEN explains why the illicit child sex market thrives in San Diego County and across the U.S., while chronicling the strength of survivors, their families, and advocates working to break that

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Anyone else having trouble parenting in a pandemic?

Parenting in a pandemic notes Let's start with some depressing statistics. Researchers generated a graph that represented when the on-duty parent was working without interruption, when the parent had to stop working to respond to a child and when the second child interrupted the first child’s interruption. (“Interruptions,” we should

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