10 Steps to Personal Growth

At 10 Steps Further all we are trying to do is get you 10 steps closer in your journey. Over the years we’ve had discussions with experts in all areas of personal growth including work joy, how to deal with stress, and moving from success to significance. If personal growth is a passion of yours, or your just want to start the journey toward a better you, here are some podcasts we’ve highlighted just for you.


Monty Kelso, President of the recruiting firm Slingshot Group, has joined us for several episodes talking about work joy. Do you need to add joy to your workplace? Is it time for you to look for a new workplace? These episodes of 10 steps are a great place to start

Workjoy 1 podcast on iTunes

Workjoy 2 podcast on iTunes

Goals and Health and Fitness

Todd Durkin is the owner and founder of Fitness Quest, rated as one of the top 10 fitness facilities in America. He has also personally trained Drew Brees and LaDanian Tomlinson. Todd has joined us for some of our best, and certainly most inspirational podcasts. Need a challenge? Todd will get you moving.

Small Things, Big Difference podcast on iTunes

Life Hacks- Ancient Wisdom, Modern Results podcast on iTunes


Tim Smith is a family coach and the author of over 20 books on parenting. He has joined us several times to give us some simple tips to relaxed parenting.

5 Conversations You Have to Have With Your Child podcast on iTunes

What to Expect When You’re Suspecting podcast on iTunes

A New Normal

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. You get test results, you lose your job, a spouse leaves you. All of a sudden you are thrown into a new normal. We’ve done this topic twice and each time we have left inspired and in awe. If you’re dealing with a new normal take a moment to listen to the story of Michael Howell who’s battling ALS and comedian Brian Aprille who’s career has blossomed despite facial paralysis.

A New Normal with Michael Howell podcast on iTunes

A New Normal with Brian Aprille podcast on iTunes

Moving From Success to Significance

As we go through life we start off in survival mode and over time we reach success. Unfortunately most people don’t realize there is a third level in which purpose really begins. That’s significance. Noreen Ippolito is the vice president of sales at iHeart Media and she joins us for a challenging conversation about finding purpose in our lives.

Moving From Success to Significance podcast on iTunes

Mental Health

Mental health is possibly the most important issue in finding peace and happiness, unfortunately mental health is also one of the most neglected areas. Counselors Greg McCord and Hannah Branch have joined us several times and each time the conversation has been profound and enlightening.

The Stress Epidemic podcast on iTunes

How to Stay Out of a Counselors Office podcast on iTunes

Race Conversations

Racism is an issue that is simply not going away. We would all agree with that statement. However, most people I know would consider it a problem, it’s just not their problem. Is it possible that we don’t know the whole story? Gino Mingo, former NFL player and Abraham Bejarano have given us great perspective that has open up our eyes to the whole story.

I’m Not a Racist, or at Least I Don’t Think I am podcast on iTunes

Looking For Invisible People podcast on iTunes