What are the advantages of going small?

"A person’s a person no matter how small" podcast notes Moment's after this podcast I met a couple of homeless guys that needed lunch. Couldn't help reaching out to Jonathan and Lesley afterward.  Here's our text chain This podcast sounds like a Dr. Seuss book doesn’t it. It’s actually based

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The genius of generosity (and confirmation that Jonathan is a hillbilly)

Genius of Generosity Podcast Notes If you didn't listen to the entire episode including listening after the outro at the end, you missed the best part of the podcast. Thanks to John Smyth for being on our podcast today. To get more information about John click here http://fcfunding.com/ This topic

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It’s okay to be alone (except in the carpool lane) and other wisdom

Lessons from 56 years of living Note to students. When my son turned 13 I asked the influential men in his life to give him some advice. This is what they came up with Embrace your imperfection.  Go bowling once in a while just so you know that you're not

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