In the 60’s there was a sexual revolution in America. With the advent of the internet, Netflix, HBO and a thousand other avenues to view sexuality, we are trying to swim in a sexual tsunami. Are you drowning? Take a moment to see how you and your family can navigate through the sex-centric society we life in on the next 10 Steps Further.

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Living in a sex-centric society podcast notes

How did we get here.

60s make love not war
70s women’s rights. Bra burning. Did men come up with this symbol of empowerment?
90s invention of the computer. Grateful to write all my papers for my masters with spell check but it was quickly a tool to disseminate pornography

We live in a sex obese culture

Growing up a movie with pornography was rated x. There was a stigma to walking into a theater showing a rated x film

Today what would be classified as rated x then is now for mature audiences. My ability to watch graphic nudity is what makes me mature.
75% of the television series nominated for Emmys include nudity

A gentlemen’s club was a place where men smoked cigars and talked about the Cubs. Today it is yet another place where women are treated as objects.

We are so sex centric that today women are not just objectified but they have been convinced to objectify themselves. A quick glance at Instagram and you will find unlimited pictures of women in bikinis and less, many of these girls are in junior high and high school.

Netflix has given us 24/7 access to this kind of maturity in our homes. One open Netflix account and so does your 8 year old. They don’t need Netflix when they have an iPad. Heck a cell phone will allow them to Google and get 10,000 images in 0.42 seconds.

I would love to say this freedom is bringing our culture into greater joy but I see different results.

The Me Too campaign is a fight to free women from sex abuse. Women are stepping up by the thousands.

Sex trafficking enslaves 12.5 million people every year

71% are women and children

The trafficking of women and children is the fastest growing crime

San Diego is 13th in US in child trafficking

The pornography industry does more business than Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL combined.

Is there any wonder that the LGBTQ community has designated over 78 different sexual distinctions.

Nobody hates anyone
Nobody is marching against parades

Let’s fight this other battle

Survey: 97 percent of women have negative body image – 10% of men have a negative body image. CBS News