Jesus often withdrew to lonely places (literally hiding from hurting people) 16 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:12-16

Thomas Aquinas called him Deus absconditus or “hidden god.”

Turns out Jesus wasn’t hiding.  He was seeking

John Ortberg put it like this. This is my story. I hide because I don’t want to be exposed in my fallenness, my darkness. I hide because I’m afraid if the truth about me is known, I will never be loved.  I hide from other people. I hide from God. I hide from truth – in a sense, I hide even from myself

The couple who’s marriage has gone cold learns to hide.  They haven’t been emotionally connected for years and have not laughed together or made love for longer than they can remember. They learn to hide.

The person who feels like work is a boring and draining and unfulfilling is hiding.  He’s hiding in work conversations.  Maybe even hiding in a bottle to dull the pain.

The parents who’s kid is struggling is hiding. In a world of people who’s kids are off to this college or graduating with honors, their child is still trying to find her way.  So they hide.

We use language to hide.  I don’t have an anger issue, I’m frustrated.

I don’t gossip, I’m just want to pray more accurately.

I’m not a workaholic, I’m just supporting my family

How do you hide?

Turns out you’re not seeking, your hiding. 

Seekers find.

Prius key

Here’s what you have to do.  You have to have your Prius towed to the dealership.  Then for $250 they will reprogram your computer to a new key fob.  Each key fob costs $175 plus an $80 service fee.  We would need two new keys.  To get a new key for our Prius would cost $760 plus $66 tax for a grand total of $826.

But seekers are different

Seekers seek God with all of their heart.

Seekers put God first in all areas of their lives

Seekers are honest not just when it’s convenient but all the time

Seekers pursue God on good days and when life gets rough

Seekers ask God what they should do instead of asking God to bless what they are already doing.

Seekers open God’s word to try and stay close

Seekers ask God’s wisdom when seeking a life partner, they don’t just ask God to bless the partner they chose without him.

Seekers come clean with their issues. They don’t hide them away.  They are real with them. They confess them to God.